Cuba is the country of music, sun, beaches, friendly people and the best cigars in the world, but it is also famous for its gastronomy, the result of Spanish, Caribbean and African influences,  The favorite cocktail of millions prepared with white rum, sugar, lime, mint, carbonated water and other ingredients that can be added according to taste. To prepare a traditional Cuban mojito can not miss the peppermint, a plant that is normally used as an aromatic ingredient, but also has many digestive properties.

Since no two mojitos taste the same, here is our guide to the best mojitos of Havana:

La Bodeguita del Medio

One of the most famous Cuban bars, this is where bohemian and traditional atmospheres meet. La Bodeguita is one of the most visited bars in Havana, and an obligatory stop for Hemingway fans, as this is where the writer had his mojitos, as you can appreciate in the corner with his bust. Hence, the popular phrase: The mojito in La Bodeguita and the daiquirí in the Floridita. 
Address: Empedrado Street/ bt Cuba & San Ignacio street)

Hotel Los Frailes Bar

Another favorite spot for a perfect mojito, this is one of the places in Old Havana where  time seems to have stopped years ago, when everything was simpler and people were not in such a hurry. Address: Teniente Rey street .#8 bt/ Mercaderes & Oficios.

Azucar Lounge & Bar
With a privileged location in front of the Plaza Vieja, the Azucar Lounge & Bar is another bar on the best mojto route. What makes  mojitos here unique is the fact that the bartender customizes them in a very distintive way. Address: Mercaderes 315 bt/ Teniente Rey & Vieja
Tapas Bar Chanchullero

Located in Teniente Rey Street in Old Havana, visitors fall in love with Tapas Bar Chanchuellero’s charm. Don’t be fooled by its unappealing storefront, you won’t want to leave once you get past its doors.  Address: Teniente Rey bt/ Bernaza & El Cristo, 457

Dos Hermanos

Last but not least, Dos Hermanos has been the mojito bar of choice for a number of illustrious personalities who have visited Cuba, many remembered today in a plaque at the entrance, such as Federico García Lorca, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn and of course Ernest Hemingway, who was attracted by its relaxed atmosphere. "Mojito here we have for a while," as one faithful visitor of the house would say.
Address: Avenida del Puerto Avenue & Santa Clara, Old Havana

Whether you have a mojito at these 5 bars or just at one, we’d love to hear about your experience.

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