Cuba’s fauna has an absolutely amazing variety, a result of a pleasant climate and a rich biodiversity, in addition to the abundance of habitats that make up the island.

These are the 3 most typical Cuban animals you want to see on your trip:

El Majá de Santa María the endemic boa of Cuba: 
As an ovoviviparous species, it does not lay eggs but gives birth to perfectly formed pups. Some legends tell us that this snake has a supposed ability to hypnotize other creatures. This is based on the majá’s  large round eyes with no eyelids, but it’s of course just a myth.  
Watch this typical Cuban boa in here 

Cuban Crocodile: 
There are only 6,000 Cuban crocodiles left, making it an endangered species.This wild creature lives in freshwater lakes and you can appreciate them in La Ciénaga de Zapata. They can measure up to 4m in length and can use its tail to perform incredible jumps out of the water, allowing them to catch terrestrial preys like rodents or birds.

 El Tocororo, the National Bird of Cuba
Its scientific name is Priotelusbut, but we know it by the emblematic name of Tocororo. They’re a common sighting in the forests of our country, and they feed on insects, flowers, and fruits. The tail of this bird can reach between 14cm, and it’s our national bird due to the majestic beauty of its plumage in the colors of the Cuban flag. Another interesting fact is that this bird cannot survive in captivity.

If you have the chance to see any of these species, please let us know!