Only 18km east from Havana, you’ll find more than 20km of beautiful beaches visited regularly by habaneros and travelers who venture to this region to experience and swim in on the richest shores in the Caribbean:  the beaches of eastern Havana.

Santa María del Mar 

Havana's most popular beach, it’s located along a coastal strip with abundant sand and crystalline water. It is bordered by El Mégano beach on the west end and extends for 3 kilometers to Boca Ciega Beach to the east. It´s also characterized by being secluded, with no housing complexes, just a few isolated houses. 

Boca Ciega Beach

Naturally bound to Santa María del Mar beach and has a mile of coastline with a quiet beach and white sands.

Guanabo Beach

The oldest and largest of the eastern beaches. Here you can find all kinds of commercial and recreational facilities. A beautiful view of the entire beach and town can be seen from the Bar-Mirador Bellomonte, located right to Via Blanca highway.

El Mégano Beach

El Mégano is a small white sand beach between Tarará and Santa María del Mar beaches. It´s very popular among Cubans because of its easy and free access. It also homes to the Hotel Villa Mégano at just 100 meters from the sea.

Tarará Beach

Tarará is a modern urbanization and private residential area built in the late 40's, taking advantage of its proximity to Havana and its white sands. All the houses and buildings there enjoy a wonderful view. The name was given by the Native Indians who lived in this area. For several years Tarará was a college town, then it housed and provided rehabilitation to the orphan children of the Chernobyl tragedy. Currently, it is a tourist village comprised of hotels, private homes, restaurants, and a shopping mall.

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