Hello blogger-addicts, welcome once again to AskACuban. As anticipated, we are starting this series "Cuba: Its destinations and goodies". Join us on this journey in which you will discover according to your travel interests, what are the #mustvisits of each province of the island of Cuba...

  Pinar del Río is a province with the capital of the same name, known worldwide for being the main producer of tobacco on the island. In Pinar you will find everything from natural areas to museums, palaces and beaches. With these blogs, we will help you to organize and prepare your travel itinerary to Pinar del Río in an easy and quick way.

  To do this we will divide the destination into three HASHTAGS: #citytourism, #sunandbeach and #naturetourism. And here we go!


  If you are passing through the city and you don't have much time in Pinar we recommend you to visit the following places that we will describe:

-San Rosendo Cathedral: It is a religious building located in Antonio Maceo Street. We recommend you to visit the interior and its gardens. It has a nice ornamentation especially in its ceilings and wooden lamps. And the best of all, ENTRANCE FOR FREE!

-Milanés Theatre: It is the most important theatre in Pinar del Río. Its colonial architecture of neoclassical type makes it attractive, which is why you will want to know more about its structure. It is made of wood and has 540 seats of great antiquity.

-Provincial Museum of History of Pinar del Río: The collection you can see is made up of diverse patrimonial objects, made up of furniture and glassware from the 19th century, weapons from the War of Independence, archaeological pieces and even some works of art by Cuban artists.


For tourists interested in pristine beaches and generally enjoying the good temperatures of the island and why not, get the perfect tan.

-Cayo Levisa: Take the opportunity to get to know a little more about this province and dive into this beach. You will be able to enjoy its crystalline waters and the purity of the place. You will also find restaurants with exquisite cuisine service, which is an ideal plan to enjoy and share with the family.

-Jutías Key: This is paradise on earth. A virgin island of white sand and crystalline waters, where you can enjoy unbeatable tranquility. In addition, its waters are home to a large amount of marine fauna, being especially characteristic to see starfish.

-María La Gorda Beach: Especially characteristic of its crystalline waters and perfect seabed for diving, María La Gorda is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pinar del Río. Its peculiar name is due to an indigenous Venezuelan woman named María, who was kidnapped by pirates and later abandoned on the island. Ideal for spotting sea turtles.


Apart from the fact that you will see a lot of nature on these marvelous beaches, Pinar del Río stands out in this type of tourism for the following destinations that we show you.

-Viñales Valley: It is mainly formed by rounded mountains known as mogotes. They reach a height of 25m and represent the main tourist attraction of this valley. We can find exuberant endemic vegetation, which has more than 60 species; among them, the cork palms. In the Viñales Valley, you will also find the Cueva del Indio, an impressive place full of surprises and history. With a guided tour you can live an unforgettable experience in a unique natural environment.

- Las Terrazas: You can take a trip to Las Terrazas to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of absolute peace. You can walk along its many wild paths while you get to know the local flora and fauna, take a boat ride on its beautiful lake, enjoy some of its most traditional dishes and even go horseback riding through its forests.

Finally, we come to the conclusion of this trip through the westernmost of the Cuban provinces. As additional info we recommend about 3 days so that you can visit all the places recommended above.

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