There are many people in love with Havana around the world; the reason is clear, we´re talking about a lovely city full of history and mysteries. A part of Havana was named Old Havana ending the 19th century, its streets are cobbled and through the year, even the shortest alleys got a name. So here´re the shortest ones.

Enna street takes the 1st place on the list. It´s a little alley located right behind El Templete and La Ceiba. It was named this way in honor to Manuel Enna, General Segundo Cabo.  Close to Enna street, there´s Justiz alley, turning Plaza de Armas. Its name was because on the corner of this one with Calle Baratillo, there was the family mansion of the Marquis of Casa Jústiz and Santa Ana.

After the Old San Francisco Square, the Minor Basilica and the Convent of San Francisco de Asís, there is another small street called Churruca Alley, in honor of a famous Spanish sailor, the brigadier of the Royal Navy Cosme Damián Churruca and Elorza. The small Velasco street is parallel to the streets of San Isidro and Desamparados and between the streets of Havana and Compostela. This one owes its name to the brave Captain of the Nation, Don Luis de Velasco, governor of the Castle of the Three Kings of El Morro.

Cristo´s street, only one block long, is between Teniente Rey and Muralla streets. This began at the Minor Basilica of San Francisco de Assis. Before this street was known as the New Street of Christ. Chorro Alley is a short street that leads to the current Plaza de la Catedral; it has that singular name since it was drained from the end of the 16th century, the Royal Ditch. The Espada Alley, adjacent to Peña Pobre Street, owes its name to the fact that in this alley lived the illustrious bishop of Havana, Don Juan José Díaz de Espada and Fernández de Landa, the protector of Father Félix Varela. Prior to the 19th century, when Bishop Espada lived there, it was called the Coffin Alley.

These streets are the shortest one in Old Havana neighborhood but if you want to know more about one of these streets or get some amazing pictures from it share this article with your request in socials.