Why people all over the world come to visit Havana? Wooden paving stones, houses centuries old, living statues scarring people walking by, and lately dogs with ID. Yes, that´s right, dogs with ID.

The fact Cuba doesn´t have an Animal Protection Law hasn´t stopped the Office of the City Historian that had the initiative of putting IDs on the necks of some dogs that are used to visiting some museums and institutions of the Historical Center of Old Havana. On these IDs, you will find the name of the dog and the telephone in which someone can answer for them and also includes the current health status.

It seems a vague effort but the truth is they´ve stopped the Zoonosis in the area and the treatment to these lovely creatures have improved considerably, just on the idea that a dog is not only a dog if it´s carrying and ID.

Some museum houses have adopted these animals, and custodians and dogs are family now since they are sharing the long watch night. Some other institutions are sponsoring abandoned dogs and health, nutrition and vaccination are now more important than ever.

However, most important, in Knowing Cuba we strongly believe that it´s a great example for children, who grow up in charity and not indolence.


If you get to see one of these four-legged citizens get your camera on and share with us your pic through our Instagram account.