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Enjoy a lively night at the beautiful and mysterious Tropicana Club, a world-famous outdoor cabaret and nightclub in Havana once known as the "most attractive and sumptuous nightclub in the world." Appreciate the intricate costume and set design, acrobatics and stage performances.

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Experience the hidden pleasures of Tropicana, Cuba’s famous pre-revolutionary, open-air extravaganza. Since the early years of the last century, the beautiful suburban property once owned by Regino Truffin, has hosted nightly artistic performances and variety shows. Neither the Revolution nor the recent economic crisis ruffled the feathers of the “paradise under the stars,” which opened in 1939 in the Havana district of Mariano in an open-air theater. El Tropicana is surrounded by a luxuriant and effusive tropical forest, a fairy-tale dream surrounding for a legendary nightclub. Enjoy the spectacle and intricate choreography of over 200 performers handpicked from the crème de la crème of Cuba’s beauties, dancers, and singers. You will surely never forget this experience.

Tels: (53) 7204 7428 | (53) 7204 7429


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