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Cayo Largo, the small resort island in Cuba that with only 25 km long and 3km wide has conquered the hearts of thousands of visitors every year. In this one-day experience, we will take you to visit the Jurassic Island of the Iguanas, to see some natural pools, coral reef, to enjoy the delicacies of the Cuban seafood and much more.

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A long time ago Christopher Columbus visited this island and pirates used it as a base. These days, pristine beaches, scuba diving and wildlife draw tourist from all over the planet to this living paradise. You should try this experience that starts with an early pick up to take you to Baracoa´s airport where you´ll catch the plane all the way to Cayo Largo del Sur. In only 30 minutes you arrive at the key and after being transferred to the Marina you will pick up a catamaran with open bar on board, to visit the Jurassic Islands of the Iguanas, distinguished key famous for being populated, only, for a significant number of iguanas. Then take some time to swim in natural pools and practice some snorkeling in the coral reeves. The sailing continues its way to Playa Sirena or Cayo Rico, where you will have a luxury sea lunch and plenty of time to swim in the turquoise waters or just get a sunbathe. Around 6 PM we will be taking the flight back to Baracoa´s Airport and of course, we´ll drive you up to your accommodation in Havana. The whole experience is so promising that you must live it in your own skin.

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