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A program for those fond of nature, this full-day excursion takes you to the spectacular wetlands of the Caribbean: The Península de Zapata, one of our most biodiverse regions. There you’ll visit a crocodile farm, and ride a boat through the Laguna Del Tesoro on your way to the Guama touristic center. After visiting an exact replica of a Cuban aboriginal settlement, you’ll have the opportunity to swim and snorkel at the crystal clear waters of La Cueva de los Peces and Punta Perdiz. After swimming, you’ll enjoy traditional tropical cocktails by the beach. A journey to remember for a lifetime departing from Havana are available now!

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This day-long adventure starts in Varadero with an early pick-up at your hotel and a drive southbound through the beautiful town of Matanzas, the “city of bridges,” known for its cultural wealth, its pastel-painted houses and colonial plazas that provide a sneaky peek into the real Cuba. You’ll continue towards the Península de Zapata on the south coast for the first stop, where you’ll travel along the Hatiguanico River on a speed boat, stopping for an ecological trail hike that ends at the river’s mainspring. The boat ride will continue down the river to “Placer de las Lisas”, where the river extension is appreciated in all its magnitude. You’ll make another stop at the farm “Fiesta Campesina” and learn about our endemic flora and fauna. After this you’ll enjoy lunch at a traditional local restaurant. Up next: you’ll visit a crocodile breeding and preservation farm considered to be one of the largest in America. You’ll continue on your speed boat across the Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure Lake) to get to the Guama Tourist Center where you’ll visit a replica of a pre-Columbian Indian village and learn about the life of the indigenous Taino, people who inhabited our island before the arrival of the Spanish. Then you’ll continue to La Cueva de Los Peces and Punta Perdiz for swimming, snorkeling, and appreciating the colorful tropical fish. You’ll have some time to swim on the ocean and relax drinking tropical cocktails before returning to your Varadero hotel.

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