Diving tour for amateurs

Cuba Tour

Departing from Varadero and for amateurs divers, we introduce this diving tour in Bahia de Cochinos. The perfect opportunity to discover the sea-bottom wealthy of Cuban seas.

10 hours

Starting at:




Pick up by bus at Varadero hotel and transfer to Barracuda Dive Center.  Upon arrival at the Diving Center, instruction in the pool and if the client approves it receives the necessary equipment that is double-checked by an instructor. Receive an introduction explaining the dive program. Transfer by bus to Ciénaga de Zapata. In Ciénaga de Zapata, dive from the coast. You can see more than 50 species of tropical fish, snail varieties and more than 11 different types of corals.  Transfer by bus back to the departure point and then to the hotels in Varadero

Limitations to Dive
1- Certification level
2- Advanced age
3- Respiratory diseases
4- Cardiovascular diseases
5- Psychiatric diseases
6- Physical impairments
7- Age: less than 15 years old
8- Flight by plane in less than 24 hours
You should know:
• The instruction in the pool will be done the day before the trip starts.
• The average water temperature at the dive sites ranges between 27 and 30 degrees in summer and between 23 and 25 degrees in winter.
• The duration of a dive ranges between 40 and 50 minutes.
• The overall depth ranges from 2-25 meters.
• The client must carry a Log Book to record the immersion activity.

Tels: (53) 7204 7428 | (53) 7204 7429


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