A taste of Cuban flavor at Opera

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Opera restaurant opens its doors to offer you a danceable and gourmet experience with Cuban rhythms such as Cha Cha Cha or rumba.

35 hours

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Enjoy a demonstrative class of Cuban musical genres, such as the Rumba, the Cha Cha, the Son and others; the class takes place in the garden area and the portal of the “OPERA” restaurant. At the rhythm of percussion instruments and with the presence of a musician and two professional dancers, you can interact with them, dance and / or play the musical instruments during class.
In the area of the restaurant lounge, you will taste the delicious Menu “Con Sabor a Cuba” which is made up:
• Welcome cocktail: “Mojito”, “Canchánchara” or “Mojito Virgen”
• Entrants:
- Malanga and cassava fritters with honey.
• Main daish to choose between:
- Lonjas de cerdo asado encebollado.
- Fajitas de pollo con salsa criolla.
• Garniture:
- White rice.
- Beans.
- Boiled tubbers.
• Dessert:
- Sweet in syrup with cheese.
• A liquid to choose among:
- Water.
- Soda.
- National beer.
• A Cuban coffee.

Tels: (53) 7204 7428 | (53) 7204 7429


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