What to do in Cuba in May?

CarmenBy Carmen, Cuban Travel Specialist, on April 26, 2018

What to do in Cuba in May?

Like usual, our team handpicks the must-do list of happenings every month. May is Cuba’s rainiest month of the year, and if you’re planning to visit at this time, we encourage you to partake in the local tradition of bathing in the first downpour of May to cast away the bad luck and bring in good fortune. We also suggest you pack an umbrella! Here are our top picks for the month:

Cubadisco 2018:  The Cuban record industry celebrates from May 13-20 the biggest music festival in the island. This year the festival celebrates the 130th anniversary of Ignacio Piñeiro, an important promoter of the Son genre. The week-long celebration includes presentations, albums releases, audiovisual showcases and colloquiums. Some of the venues will be the National Theater, Karl Marx Theater, Hall Avenue and Cultural Alba House. If you want more information on this musical experience click here.

Romerías de Mayo: This celebration traces its origins back to the Spaniard religious tradition of putting a Christian cross in the highest place near the town to protect the town from epidemics and natural catastrophes. The festival kicks-off on the second dya of May, when the City of Holguin leaves behind all worries and tribulations to celebrates art, tradition and modernity in a meeting among young artists, intellectuals and cultural promoters from dozen countries. Enjoy concerts and cultural gatherings on themes relating to regional culture, generational collaborations, the vanguard of young art and tradition and modernity. Join this festival from May 2-8

International Poetry Festival in Havana: If you´re fond of this particular genre and you are visiting the capital from May 28-June 3, you´d better take part of this international celebration chaired by the poet Rogelio Martínez Furé and dedicated to oral poetry and popular poetry. Main activities include a world meeting of poets in defense of humanity, writing poems for refugees, an environmental forum, a gathering of poets and students in schools in Havana. Contact us for more information

Theater May: From May 19-28, the whole country stands in front the faces of tragedy and comedy to welcome this festival that brings together a sample of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean theater, in which emblematic groups and outstanding maestros of the continental scene share their experience with young upcoming performers. There will be training and improvement workshops and a space for dialogue between artists and cultures of the region. In addition, the festival features conversations, conferences, and presentations by theater publications, critics and other professionals. Without a doubt, a gathering where the dreams of Latin American theater are renewed. Contact us for more information.

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