What to do in CUBA in March 2018?

CarmenBy Carmen, Cuban Travel Specialist, on March 7, 2018

What to do in CUBA in March 2018?

The Knowing Cuba team knows what’s being cooked in Cuba behind the scenes. Here’s our top events pick for the month of March:

Fiesta del Tambor: An annual party of percussion, drums, rhythms and music that gather musicians and percussionist from all over the world. Expect to see popular music bands, dance companies, jazz and folklore groups. This year there will also be dance and percussion masterly classes throughout the week for those seeking to improve their technique. March 5-11, Mella and Karl Marx theaters (among other venues), Havana

International Ballet Academies Meeting: This mega event will take place at the Big Theater of Havana and the National Ballet School, where specialists, professors, students and dancers from around the globe will take the stage. The 2-week program includes masterly ballet lessons and repertoire workshops for medium and advanced dancers. Naturally we’ll also be delighted by performances by some of the most acclaimed dance academies in Latin America, and the annual academies competition. March 24- April 7, Gran Teatro de La Habana y Escuela Nacional de Ballet, Havana

Havana World Music Festival: Also known as the HWM Party, this festival highlights the variety and miscegenation of world music, which belongs to everybody. This year the event brings us special guests Los Orishas, and other big names of the Cuban music industry such as Grupo Interactivo and David Blanco, as well as international acts such as the African group Gato Preto, the Spanish group Marinah Ojos de Brujo and the funk British band The Chicken Brothers. March 22-26, Havana

Undoubtedly, March is Cuba’s most musical month of the year. Whether you want to participate in any of these events, need a salsa or percussion class to warm up, need accommodations in Havana, or need tickets for any other cultural event, do not hesitate to reach us at

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