What measures are the Cuban keys

CarmenBy Carmen, Cuban Travel Specialist, on September 7, 2020

What measures are the Cuban keys

We know for sure it has been hard for all of us to have to stay home and stop enjoying our vacations the way we are used to. Although the pandemic hasn´t yet been controlled globally, countries like Cuba are already adapting the new reality to their tourism industry. The first tourists who arrived in the northern keys of our island were news recently and you will surely want to know what measures the country takes to make your stay the safest and most pleasant, after all we work for you. Let's see the measures adopted at the moment and those that will come during the following post-Covid phases in the island.

Hotels in the keys: These are operating with all their services and with an occupation that will depend on the conditions of each hotel facility, in order to ensure physical distance.

Non-hotel services: Opening with occupations between 30% and 50%, they are constantly watching over hygiene and safety protocols. They maintain the distances between consumers in order to respect physical distancing.

Nightclubs: The centers of the hotel facilities, that is, clubs, cabarets, party rooms and discos, will open to provide services only to 30 or 50% of their capacity.

The authorities authorized the entry of international tourism in Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Cruz and Cayo Santa María and the tourist circulation would be allowed only in the limits of the key where they vacation. Even the excursions would be carried out within the area of ​​the key. The nautical activity would be reactivated only in the reserved destinations and car rental would be restored only inside the poles that are marketed.

What can we expect for a future in Cuban tourism?
If the third phase is successfully reached throughout the country, the marketing of all tourist destinations and poles will be activated in conjunction with tour operators and agencies. The circuits would be reestablished, although limited to a number of clients, and conditions in hotels would be ensured for the isolation of tourists with respiratory symptoms. In the same way, the hygiene and safety requirements imposed on the island from phase 1 in absolutely all tourist services, and the health certification of all facilities would be maintained.

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