What are the best places in Havana to spend New Year´s Eve?

CarmenBy Carmen, Cuban Travel Specialist, on December 29, 2017

What are the best places in Havana to spend New Year´s Eve?

Gosh, is amazing the way time flies, one second we´re making plans for a whole year and the other one we are celebrating Christmas and New Year´s Eve.

Ops, perhaps you´re visiting us next holidays and you´re probably wondering what should you do on this amazing night waiting for a better year to come. So here´re 7 fantastic places you could try and I promise you this, YOU WON´T REGRET IT!!!

Sarao´s Night Club:

Let's start with the increasingly famous Sarao´s Night Club. Sarao is a musical project and its bars is located in the heart of Vedado at the 17th street corner with E street. It´s the perfect space for young people used to visiting customized places in a very sophisticated and futuristic way. Music is fantastic, it´s an up&down of sensations making a long journey from authentic Cuban salsa and rumba to the most amazing jam of the most listened international hits. And of course, how not mention the DJ´s that´ll meet you every night to make you literally rock your body.

Tropicana Show:

Over the years Tropicana Cabaret has been the favorite of lots of visitors and in New Year´s Eve opens its doors with a great show that probably will be on your mind for years. The mixture of music and dance in the hands of over 200 people detach glamour and "cubanía". The New Year´s Eve dinner, accompanied by the famous "Tropicana Violins" will be served at 8:30 pm, when the doors will be opened. A personalized gift is also planned, inspired by the exotic atmosphere of Tropicana as well as the classic cotillion for each client.

Cathedral Square:

On December 31st the Cathedral Square of Havana wears its best dress to wait for the countdown. A majestic dinner and a musical show are some of the main options you might have. The show called "Noche Cubana" offers a panoramic sightseeing of the most famous Cuban dances and you´ll enjoy an incredible demonstration of culinary skills. 

Cannon blast and Fireworks:

If you´re the kind of person who enjoys the quietness of the stars and the whisper of the sea perhaps waiting for new year’s eve firework from the other side of the bay is your thing. You´ll enjoy the ancient tradition of the cannon blast where you could grab something to eat and drink and watch the fireworks at midnight. Romantic for couples and exciting for friends.

Nacional de Cuba Hotel:

Just like every year, National Hotel opens its doors not only to clients but to public offering different menus and prices starting from 67USD. No matter the choice you take, I promise it´ll be an amazing night by the hand of great cuisine, drinks, a cabaret show, and live orchestra ´til the wee hours.

Four Point by Sheraton Hotel:

Located in the centric Miramar, on 5th Avenue, Sheraton Hotel welcomes 2018 on the voice of Laritza Bacallao who is going to be hosting the night. You can expect a buffet dinner, open bar, cava, the cotillion and a lot of music to dance after the show ends. And you can get it from 80USD with discounts on children.

Kempinski Hotel:

This glamorous resort was opened less than a year and already count on most of the best references worldwide. How could you lose the chance of sharing a new year´s eve experience like Manzana Hotel is giving you? A sumptuous buffet that includes wine, beers and non-alcoholic beverages while enjoying live music at "Clonfluencias" Restaurant. After dinner and from 11.00PM, get ready to party at San Cristobal Terrace lounge area with a Dj and open bar.

I cannot decide yet what to do! what would you choose? Tag us in your comments on social networks and let us know.

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