Is Cuba a family-friendly destination?

CarmenBy Carmen, Cuban Travel Specialist, on February 8, 2018

Is Cuba a family-friendly destination?

Travelling with children can be challenging, so we understand you might be concerned about what activities will keep your kids entertained in Cuba. The good news is Cuba is a great destination for families. It’s extremely safe, and there are enough once-in-a-lifetime family experiences that will make this vacation one your kids will remember their whole lives. Actually, these activities are great for adults too:

Visit a crocodile farm in Guama

Great for children who love animals and wildlife. Don´t forget your camera because you’ll want to capture every second. Children and adults are able to touch, feed and hold a baby crocodile. In this tour you’ll also learn the role and value of crocodiles in Cuba’s ecosystem, and environmental efforts to protect their population.

Swimming with dolphins:

If crocodiles are not for your children, don´t worry: We have dolphins too. You can swim next to these smart mammals and see a performance in the beach city of Varadero, just an hour and a half from Havana.

Canopy in Las Terrazas:

Ziplining is the perfect way to appreciate Las Terrazas from above. If some in your family are scared of heights, stay on the ground and take pictures. The canopy in Las Terrazas is an unforgettable and worth it experience.

Visit the Chocolate Factory in Havana:

What child doesn’t love chocolate? Take a break from all the walking and sit down for some hot or cold chocolate. The factory is located at the heart of Old Havana, so after your chocolate break, you can easily resume your sightseeing activities. At the factory you’ll be able to see how chocolate is made and shaped into all kinds of figures and learn about the history and the impact of cacao beans in Cuba.

Cannon Blast Ceremony:

There is nothing like “El Cañonazo de las Nueve” to capture children’s imagination. The ceremony goes back to the colonial period when a cannonball was shot across the Havana bay at 9 pm every night to announce the nightly closing and securing of the bay from buccaneers and pirates. Today the tradition continues, and every night at 9 pm a march, ceremony and shooting of the cannonball takes place from Morro Cabaña just like it did back then. Make sure your children take a nap so they stay awake!

Visit las Playas del Este:

If your kids get tired of walking and cultural activities, take a break and go to the beach. Playas del Este is the closest beach to Havana, where you can find snow-white sand and sky-blue waters. Snorkel, swim and relax. Let the kids build sand castles while you get some quality rest.

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