Did you know that until the half the XIX century our ice cream used to come from England or the United States in bars wrapped in sawdust? 

The "Café de Paris", the "Café de las Armas" and the "Café de los Catalanes" were the first local establishments to serve "ice cream" soft drinks. Very soon, ice cream shops appeared everywhere. Here are some of our favorite places to get this refreshing treat: 

Heladería d`oro100% natural ice cream made with native seasonal fruits and ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, malt. They have more than a dozen flavors to delight the palate and refresh your afternoon. Helad'oro also serves tasty pastries, ideal for long summer days. Aguiar Street.Old Havana

El Palenque: One of the great attractions of this commercial complex is its ice cream shop. Set in a colorful and airy place and decorated with images of the sweets and treats made in-house. The seat design simulates the shape of a wafer with melting ice cream. 17th street, Siboney. 

El Coppelia: Known as the Cathedral of Ice Cream, this is one of the largest ice-cream shops in the world. It serves more than 1000 customers at a time, and has been popular with locals and tourists since its opening in 1966, and became even more famous when scenes of the Cuban film Strawberry and Chocolate were filmed there. La Rampa on 23rd Street, El Vedado. 

El Gelato: Serves original and rare flavors such as cherry, beet, kiwi, apple, guava, sponge cake, mint, and melon. All produced artisanally and strictly preserved to maintain the flavor. 1st Avenue, Miramar. 

Geez, I suddenly want to taste them all! Don’t you?