I guess you´ve been waiting for more of “Asere que bola” and here in Knowing Cuba we love to satisfy customers. Last time we learned that not having the oven for pastries actually meant we are not in the mood but we are so in the mood to this, so here we go, ten new phrases to help you don´t feel lost:

1. Do you remember the phrase “ciao pescao” to say good bye? If you hear a Cuban saying vamos echando to its mates means that he´s not comfortable in the place he is.

2. You don’t get us or you don´t know us. A Cuban can live in the same house with 7 other relatives, to have a regular job and going to parties every weekend  cause we do know how to survive tribulations that’s why “tu no me calculas

3. “Tumba, tumba and we are not talking about graves, this phrase is commonly used to let others know that they are not welcome at all and have to leave.

4. Imagine that a social meeting or party didn´t end well, perhaps because of a fight or a huge problem so when a Cuban tells the story it will probably tell you that “ended like Guatao´s party” (se terminó como la fiesta del Guatao)

5. You just imagine the picture. ¿How does a dog reacts after breaking something? Well, for sure making as little noise as possible and the disaster behin? Someone else´s problem LoL. That’s why the phrase “salió como el perro que tumbó la olla” (He ran like the dog that dropped  the casserole)

6. This one is pretty funny in fact: “TUNTURUNTU” and it’s a synonym of “Tumba, tumba. I just don’t want to see you face.

7. Imagine some friends get together and invite Andres all the time cause he is the classic guy that always pay for the drinks and the meal so he is essential for the group that´s because Andres tiene las balas de Billy”,  Andres has Billy´s bullet or the same, a lot of cash in his wallet.

8. Cats have 4 legs right, well to try to find the 4 cat´s leg means that you are trying really hard to figure out something or making something harder than actually is. So “no le busques las 4 patas al gato

9. ÑO!!! Hard to pronounce right? This monosyllable is one of the biggest words to express a huge surprise and can´t be used not only to express joy but extreme indignation.

10. “¿Asere que bola?” Perhaps one of the most popular Cuban phrases in the world, no matter where you are, you will probably hear this one a few times a day. It is used mainly as a greeting, 'hello what's up, how are you?'