If you´re thinking of visiting our Cuba and you heard a lot about our charms, but don’t know where to start, here is a list of the top 10 most amazing things to do. We promise you’ll thank us later: 

1-    Beach Day: You´ll probably fall in love with our island if you visit one of our wonderful keys such as Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo o Guillermo. Did you know you can sunbathe in Cuba 12 months of the year?

2-    Walking tour of Trinidad: Walking its streets is a real journey back in time. Trinidad is said to be the most beautiful city in Cuba. Among its wonders, its narrow cobbled streets, its beautifully restored buildings, its majestic churches and its fantastic courtyards stand out

3-    Exploring our underwater wonders: Diving would be an excellent activity to practice in Cuba. Our marine bottoms are spectacular and are populated by such a number of protected species you’ve never seen before.

4-     Hiking: Cuba is much more than a sun and beach destination. We have mountains and places of incredible natural beauty. If you don´t believe it, you should try Pinar del Río or Sierra Maestra as a first hiking experience.

5-     Dance and discover new musical rhythms: If you like Caribbean rhythms, or want to start learning about them, this is the perfect place: we are the creators of the danzón and rumba.

6-    Horseback Riding in Viñales: Whether because of its agricultural past or its breathtaking views, horseback riding through this valley will make you feel like a real Cuban.

7-     A walk down El Malecon: If you come to Cuba and don’t walk along the Malecon then you definitively weren´t in the Cuban capital.  The truth is that the views and the atmosphere of the "Malecón" are unique in its class and it´s there where you get to discover the authentic “Habanero” spirit.

8-     Mingle with locals at a Paladar: For a second, forget about the sand and the beaches and venture within the locals. Discover the vibrant life behind walls and find the true Cuban flavor at these privately-owned restaurants 

9-     Try some rum: Cuba is famous for many reasons, however, its excellent production of rum is remarkable in all our spheres. We do know how to make mojitos, so try one! 

10-     Learn our roots: If you have time, visit Baracoa, the first capital of the island where you can experience the charm of pre-Columbian culture. Its inhabitants are said to be descendants of the Taíno tribe.

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