Cuba, the sleeping alligator, as we call it, it´s surrounded by 5.700km of coast, and scuba diving in our shores will take your breath away.  The tropical weather and an average temperature of 26°c allow diving all year round, with only having to use a light lycra on summer, and 3mm wetsuits on winter.

The tide system and ocean currents are slight enough in both coastlines, giving us transparent waters with an average visibility of 30 meters

Around the 98% of this coastline is surrounded by coral reefs where we´ll find uncountable species of crustaceans and mollusks, more than 700 species of fishes, 300 species of sponges and a higher number of starfishes and urchins. Besides, you can´t miss the chance to appreciate  mammals such as dolphins and the enigmatic manatee, also called sea cow, as well as our 5 species of tortoises 

 All these conditions make scuba diving in Cuba a real privilege. Here are our top 5 scuba diving locations: 

María La Gorda

Located at only 4 hours from Havana, just west of Pinar del Rio, María La Gorda gives you the opportunity to dive surrounded by nature. The immersion point is located on la Peninsula de Guanahacabibes and constitutes a biosphere reserve with two different diving zones with flora, wildlife, and shipwrecks from the 18th century. 

Cayo Levisa

At just a short one hour drive from Havana,  Havana on the northwest part of the island, Cayo Levisa is the perfect place for seeing the black reef, huge tropical fishes and sponges. You’ll also find shipwrecks from 17th and 18th centuries.

Cayo Largo

Beautiful beaches located in the south part of the island. Mountains of reefs protect the area from the strongest ocean currents, so it’s the best place for inexperienced divers.  It´s located at 177 km from Havana.

Playa Girón

This is one of the most popular diving areas, located in the Bahia de Cochinos, at 4 hours from Havana. 

Faro Luna

Located in the south part of the island, in the Cienfuegos province. There´s sea life, shipwrecks and coral reefs you can easily appreciate from the surface. If you´re fond of underwater photography,  you should know the clarity of the water here is unbeatable. 

Have fun scuba diving, and don’t forget to share your pictures with us!