Rum is Cuban’s favorite drink, but we also love a cold beer, especially on hot days at the beach or sitting on the Malecon. Besides trying our local beers Cristal and Bucanero, there are two breweries in Havana that are an obligatory stop for both beer and architecture lovers. We guarantee you’ll love the experience and have a lasting memory. 

Artisan beer and people watching at Factoria de la Plaza Vieja  
There is no more pleasant and comfortable place to cool off and rest from the brave Caribbean sun. Located in a corner of the eclectic and lively Plaza Vieja, the Factory offers exquisite artisan beers elaborated in-house with Austrian technology. This place is visited by hundreds of habaneros and tourists daily; who not only seek the rich taste of beer but also enjoy Cuban cuisine and the atmosphere of the Plaza Vieja that surrounds this factory. We recommend pairing their selection of brews with an order of croquetas or empanadas to get a fuller taste of Cuba.  

Alameda de Paula, beer crafted at an old Tobacco Factory.
Our second topsetting, the Alameda de Paula brewery, located at an old tobacco and wood store.
The brewery emerged majestically as part of the rehabilitation project at the old  Port of Havana, a project meant to preserve the legacy and architectural memory of the area with a multifunctional purpose. Besides the beer, visitors to Alameda de Paula get to appreciate the constant sea breeze and the interior design of the tobacco warehouse a conjunction of colors, textures, murals, aged wood and rustic appearance that bring a unique harmony and energy.

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