The so-called “Cuban style” is the original way of dancing salsa. It is, unlike the styles that have arisen in recent years, the one that takes the most elements and steps from previous existing dances:: son montuno, urban son, guaracha, mambo, making it the most complex Cuban dance hall, and the most fun to dance too! 

The first salsa steps originated in the Casino Deportivo de La Habana and other dance halls in Havana at the end of the 50s, hence the name it has in Cuba: casino dance. The casino seems a rather playful, rhythmic and lively dance and not oriented towards competition like other ballroom dancing. It is, in a way, a ballroom dance, but in 'shirt sleeves rolled up' that still continues to evolve. In the late sixties, it regained its popularity and the world has not stopped dancing salsa since. 

Here are several combinations of basic steps that must be mastered in order to execute correctly the various figures - some of which are very complicated:

6 basic steps of Cuban dance you have to know 
●    Step 1.  The basic step of Cuban salsa
●    Step 2.  Dile Que No (Tell Him No)
●    Step 3.  Enchufla (Plug in)
●    Step 4.  Bayamo
●    Step 5.  70
●    Step 6.  Croqueta (Croquette)


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