Cuba has a long tradition of baking and sugar confections due to its Spanish heritage and its large production of sugar cane, honey, and tropical fruits, giving origin to a variety of sweets and desserts found in homes and bakeries across the country. 

Cuban’s “sweet tooth” is part of our culture, and it’s not conceivable to end a Creole meal without the delight of a Cuban dessert. But dessert is not just a way to end a meal, but it’s a tradition that takes everyone back to being a child and seeing their grandmother spending their entire afternoon making their beloved homemade sweets.
Our 5 most popular Cuban desserts consumed on the island are:

1.Rice pudding, our beloved Arroz con Leche. Easy to make and delicious. We have to sew the rice with milk and sugar. Tasty with cinnamon

2. Caramel, which we call dulce de leche. Its simplicity would surprise you, corresponds to a caramelized variant of milk.

3. Flan, cold dessert that it´s usually prepared with whole eggs, milk, sugar and lemon

4. Vanilla custard or Natilla is a cream made with milk, egg yolks, sugar and aromas such as vanilla or lemon. 

5. “Bacon from Heaven” or Tocinillo del Cielo, juicy and refreshing and it´s made with caramelized egg yolk and sugar, compact and has an intense yellow color. 

What’s your favorite Cuban dessert? Please tag us on your pictures and let us know!