On December 31, Cuba welcomes everyone to celebrate New Year´s Eve and the triumph of the Cuban Revolution so you´d probably hear the National Anthem once the clock reaches midnight. If you are coming to the island and you, don´t certainly know what to do here´re some guidance tips you may find useful.

  The hotels and it offers:

  Though Cuban aren´t used to going to hotels for New Year´s Eve these hotel gala dinners are the most common way for foreigners to spend the night. You can get a spot by booking the supplement or get a reservation in a hotel by telephone or personally. The prices vary per hotel and music group hired for the occasion.

  Waiting Midnight with a Cuban family:

  This is the preferred options for Cuban are very attached to the family concept. For this celebration, friends and neighbors are also invited. They all get together to spend December 31 and wait full of joy January 1st. This last one is nationally recognized as the day that Fidel Castro and his rebellion topple Fulgencio Batista and his army. So January 1st is considered holiday for Cuban.

  By being in a Cuban home this night you will dance, sing, drink and eat up. In the meantime, some table games such as domino or chess. There will always be a friendly argue about football or baseball. The truth is there will be many chances to know about Cuban traditions, like the one of throwing up a basket of water at midnight to cast away the bad things and welcome the good ones in the upcoming New Year.

  What is going to be the gastronomy choices in a Cuban house?

    Though the choices may vary, the roasted pork is going to be there for sure. This redundant way of ratifying Cuban cuisine on the island has become a symbol of culinary identity. Whether it's a leg or the whole pig, this recipe lasts over the centuries and in the taste handed down from generation to generation. Enjoy a piece of pork with Arroz Congri, yucca with a Cuban mojo, a vegetable salad and a cold beer. There will always be a spot for dessert, homemade preferably; the most traditional desserts are sweet grated coconut, grapefruit or sour orange hulls and pump fruit; even the most refined ones like the flan, the torrejas in syrup or turrones.

  What would be your choice?        


  From a hotel restaurant, or in a rooftop of a bar-restaurant, even surrounded by Cuba family, perhaps the same one that is hosting you in a casa, let Cuba embrace you this New Year´s Eve to start the journey full of joy and motivation. Share your comments with us on Social Media.