There´s nothing more attractive than a love story that was so amazing that have been immortalized through the years and became part of the architecture of a whole country.

On today´s blog, I tell you about the history of La Giraldilla, one of the most representative symbols of Havana, a statue that encloses love, history and art.

If you ask a Cuban about La Giraldilla, they will tell you that represents a woman who watches for the return of her beloved husband. Well, back in 1537, Hernando De Soto was named Cuba´s governor and in 1539, he decided to go to La Florida leading an expedition and leaving her wife, Isabel De Bobadilla, in charge of the administration of the island.

The legend says that the woman became obsessive about her husband return and began to wait for his return from the top of the castle of the royal force, watching the Havana bay and looking her husband ship on the horizon for hours. Hernando died on June 30, 1540, and his death destroyed Isabel and though rumor has it she died of lobe the truth is she returned to Spain, but the story became myth and myth became legend and all this inspired to Martin Pinzon who created the Giraldilla statue. If you ever visit the island, you would see it, cast in bronze and placed in the highest point of the Castle of the Royal Force, a woman, who holds a palm in her right hand, and on her left, on a pole, the Calatrava cross, order to which the governor belonged.  

The Giraldilla is today more than just history, it represents an entire city and its fame is such that you´d see it on Havana Club Rum logo, t-shirts, jars or the Havana baseball team uniforms.






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