Today we want to lead you through the world of smells and give you a ride to Fragancias 1791 or as we Cuban know it “The House of Perfumes”.

The place was built in 2000 in the same street that in older time the hawkers sold their famous eau de cologne. The perfumery in its museum function has renewed the artisanal extraction process in obtaining vegetable smells, by using knowledge, pieces and antiques.

It will welcome you eighteenth-century copper objects, a large censer, rustic furniture, candles, scent pads, glass and ceramic containers of various sizes, 19th-century jars of the brands Guerlain, Shalimar, Johnson and even one of " Eau de Cologne " of the Italian Jean Marie Farina.

Once inside the store, gently browse among the twelve essences that distinguish the house: rose, violet, lavender, jasmine, orange blossom, lilac, ilhang, tobacco, patchouli, citrus, sandalwood and vetiver. Tell your caregiver about your tastes, personal style, needs and preferences. The fragrance combinations can please your wishes, in a unique, personalized mix. Try to be satisfied; you will seldom have the opportunity to wear a just-made aroma.

Then, select a container, unique as well. They are made especially for the shop by Cuban artisans and artists and reproduce the original designs in which the fragrances were poured during the colonial era. They have a maximum capacity of 50 milliliters, with prices ranging between 7.00 and 20.00 CUC. Once the bottle is sealed, the label will be placed with a small verse related to the flowers.

Aromatherapy has been added to its services for a short time. The aromas say the hosts, can be used to control moods, combat anxiety, stress, melancholy and even shyness. For example, for melancholy, Havana 1791 recommends citrus, lemon, tangerine and orange aromas; for anxiety, sandalwood with lavender or rose; for depression, orange blossom, and pure lavender for the timid.



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