18 kilometers to the east of Havana, it extends by more than 20 km the preferred beaches  and more visited by the habaneros and travelers who venture to the difficult and interesting task of knowing one of the richest places in the Caribbean, the beaches of eastern Havana.

Santa Maria del Mar 

Santa Maria del Mar is the most popular beach of the Habaneros and many Cubans.
It is located along a coastal strip with abundant sand and crystalline water. It is bordered to the west by El Mégano beach and extends for 3 kilometers to Boca Ciega Beach in the east, which was separated by a wooden bridge .
Santa Maria is characterized by not having residential area like other beaches, only some isolated houses.

The Boca Ciega Beach

Natural boundary with Santa Maria del Mar beach and has a mile of coastline with a quiet beach and white sands.

The Guanabo Beach

Guanabo Beach is the oldest and largest of the east beaches. In addition to an extensive beach area, in this place you can find all kinds of commercial and recreational facilities. A beautiful view of the entire beach and town can be seen from the Bar-Mirador Bellomonte, to the right of the Via Blanca.

The Playa El Mégano

La Playa El Megano is a small white sand beach area located between Tarara and Santa Maria del Mar. It is very popular with Cubans because the easy and free access. It has the Hotel Villa Mégano, located 100 meters from the sea.

The Beach Tarará

Tarará is a modern urbanization and private residential area created in the late 40's, taking advantage of a privileged place near Havana, along the river with the same name and with a beach of white sand. All the houses and buildings have a wonderful view.The name of the place was given by Indians, former inhabitants of the area.

For several years Tarará was the city of the pioneers of Cuba, then a place of healing and restoration for Ukrainian children affected by the Chernobyl tragedy. Currently it is a tourist village which consists of hotel areas of isolated houses , with restaurants, shopping mall and other infrastructures.

Havana is the type of destination that offers its visitors, not only a cultural and historical area of ​​its city, but also shows adventurers a tropical paradise served on its beautiful beaches.