Hello friends, we meet again in our usual appointment every week. At this very moment we wish to speak about fishing in Cuba, a very important subject for our country as we present beautiful and spectacular places where this kind of activity is practiced, which the natives of our beautiful island have carried in our blood from the Beginning of time.

Fishing has been for us Cubans a means to obtain food and with the passing of the years together with the development of tourism this activity has been aimed at strengthening tourism and being an important means of income for the country.

In present times, Cuba has become one of the most sought-after destinations for the sport fishing, since our perfect location, at the entrance of the Caribbean, provides us with the best locations to carry out fishing, thanks to this we are cataloged as one of the best destinations that gives adventurers the most spectacular and stunning scenarios bathed by our beautiful Caribbean sea.

One of the tournaments that attracts more fans and you can not miss if you visit Cuba is the International Needle Fishing Tournament Ernest Hemingway, held in May for more than 65 years, being one of the most ancient of the world.

Perfect places for fishing, are many throughout the island, but the most important are the Jardines de la Reina, Cienfuegos, Cayo Largo del Sur, the Zapata swamp, Cayo Romano and the Guanahacabibes peninsula. In Cuba is also practiced very much fishing in lakes, so if this is your preference, you can fish in some of them, such as in the lagoon of Leonero, Laguna la Redonda and Lagoon Grande or Algodonal lagoon.

The sport fishing modalities that can be practiced in Cuba are:

Fly Fishing: Consists of using artificial bait. The fishing is done in low that is in crystalline waters of shallow depth that can be of scarce 30 cms. This type of fishing can be carried out in the areas of the Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas province.

Spinning: It is done in waters with an average depth of 3 mts, depending on the characteristics of the fish that is pursued. Lures or baits tend to be larger and more colorful.

Medium bottom fishing: It is done in deeper waters, where the boat is anchored. The hook is added an extra weight so that the line can get down without problems. Lures are imitations of small fish. This type of fishing is practiced in some dams like Hanabanilla and Zaza.

Height Fishing: This type of fishing requires more advanced equipment. You can use real baits or artificial lures, also can be accommodated in multiple hooks. This type of fishing is the most common in Cuba.

If you are a fan of sport fishing, here you will find your particular paradise. If you are not an amateur, do not forget to try, Cuba is the best place in the world to start in this beautiful and exciting sport, we are waiting for you.