Our fauna is of a beauty and absolutely amazing variety. It´s the consequence of a pleasant climate and a rich biodiversity, in addition to the abundance of habitats that make up the island. Today in our blog we want to introduce you three native animals of our beautiful country you cannot stop tracking once you visit us.

  It arrives to the 3rd place “El Majá de Santa María”, the endemic boa of Cuba: It´s an ovoviviparous specie so it does not lay eggs, but gives birth perfectly formed pups. Some legends tell us:

- This snake takes breast milk and also says that it feels predilection by that smell and flavor.

- On the other hand the legend says that the Majá de Santa María has a supposed capacity of hypnotizing but the majá has no reason, such believing is due to its large round eyes with no eyelids and in that expression such myth is supported.

Watch this typical Cuban boa in here 

  In a 2nd place we have the Cuban Crocodile: Threatened in danger of extinction since there are only about 6000 wild individuals. This wild criatures live in the freshwater lakes and you can appreciate them especially in La Ciénaga de Zapata. They can measure up to 4m in length and this specie use the tail to perform incredible jumps out of the water, giving them the opportunity to catch terrestrial preys like rodents or birds from surroundings.

  And with drum rolls we visit in the 1st position to… El Tocororo, the National Bird of Cuba: The generic name is Priotelus but we know it by the emblematic name of Tocororo. It´s common to see them in the forests of our country. It feeds on insects, flowers and fruits. The tail of this bird can reach between 14.3 and 14.8cm and is known as the national bird for the beauty of its plumage that includes the colors of the Cuban flag, also giving the fact this bird cannot live in captivity under no concepts.

  Hope you like this article, I know if you visit our country you won´t miss the chance of tracking up one of these amazing creatures. Do not forget to visit our sites on Facebook and Twitter and RATE US.