Since always the desserts have had a wonderful, magical and full of illusion for children. Even many adults cannot spend the day without trying some delicious sweet. In fact, the desserts have become an ideal complement in all gastronomy. The origin of these sugary foods goes back to time immemorial.

In Cuba we have a great tradition of baking in part by Spanish heritance and also by the great production of cane sugar, honey and tropical fruits with which a very large variety of confections and basic preparations are prepared that will serve as filling or forming part of The elaboration of sweets in the bakeries and kitchens.

It all began when Cuba was a colony of Spain and the black slaves to overcome the fatigue caused by the hard work in the sugarcane plantations, they consumed sugar in large quantities, almost always in the form of raspadura and the delicious guarapo, which Is the juice of the cane.

The preference for sweet is one of the constants of the Cuban taste. Sugar is part of our food culture, on the island it is not conceivable that a Cuban after a good Creole meal does not delight an appetizing traditional Cuban dessert.

Five of the most popular Cuban desserts consumed on the island are:

1. El Arroz con Leche

2. El Dulce de Leche.

3. Flan.

4. Natilla.

5. El Tocinillo del Cielo.

Cubans not only see this moment of tasting of sweetness as part of the meal, but it brings to mind those times where the grandmothers were dressed. Really, where they could destroy the reputation of any professional chef. There were many afternoons when the grandmothers spent their time flaunting their skill in the kitchen and made us burst with joy with their wonderful and beloved homemade sweets.