Hi there everyone, right, it´s impossible to pronounce Cuba without pronouncing music, heat, dance, art. If you want is to be part of an amazing sweet artistic experience we suggest you to visit the FAC Fábrica de Arte Cubano ( Factory of Art), located at 11th and 26th  street, Vedado.

  It´s become the perfect place for “habaneros” to have some healthy fun. At the same time they get to know a little bit more about “alternative world”. The enchanting thing in here lies in the fact it’s a multidisciplinary space where you can enjoy music concerts, plays, expositions or colloquiums. Architecture is other of its charms, because as the name indicates us, the stages was built inside of a REAL factory made of stones and in its frontage a gigantic chimney imposes itself.

  F.A.C. is a self-financing cultural project and it has a very important goal, which it´s to promote the work of young creators from every corner of Arts: cinema, music, dance, theater, plastic arts, literature, photography, fashion and graphic design. Opened from Thursday to Sunday you will  discover there´s something exciting happening all the time because, as you will find out, F.A.C it´s a living organism and inside its walls everything you were expecting at it´s about happening in one night only. So, lay down on one of those fantastic recycle chairs while you take a cup of wine or a tropical drink letting art to be part of you.

  And finally, how could we leave grastronomy behind. Right under the chimney, on the rooftop lays “El Cocinero” restaurant, an original outdoor space perfectly matched to that complex dynamic of the factory. On the menu we can find the harmony between international recipes and typical Cuban ingredients.

  You can´t miss the chance of merging inside all these Cuban flavor, you won´t regret it. Cuba is giving you that unique opportunity.