Best ice cream parlors in Havana


We Cubans love to taste delicious ice cream, this is a habit that we developed due to the high temperatures that characterize our climate. Since we are child when we enjoyed going for a walk with our parents to the Coppelia. When we grow a little and we are allow to take a bus or walk alone, with our friends, boyfriends, family, we accompany the ice cream with a good movie at the Cinema Yara or Riviera and then walk down the Ramp and finally sit down to talk about anything on the Malecon.

The importance of having snow to cool and to make refreshments, made in the XIX century to be brought to Cuba in ships, since it was not possible to obtain it from the mountain ranges of the continent. Until the middle of century XIX, the ice arrived to us from England or The United States in bars wrapped in sawdust. The "Café de Paris", the "Café de las Armas" and the "Café de los Catalanes" were the first establishments to serve "ice cream" soft drinks. Later, the ice cream parlors appeared.

Internationally the most popular flavors of ice cream are chocolate, vanilla, caramel and of course you can not miss the strawberry, however Cubans like a lot of chocolate candy, strawberry, almond and chocolate curly.

Undoubtedly, places to visit and to have a luxury in Havana you will find:

Heladería d`oro on Aguiar Street.100% natural ice creams made with native seasonal fruits and other Cuban products such as coffee, chocolate, malt ... More than a dozen flavors to delight the palate and refresh. Helad'oro also proposes tasty loaves, ideal for the eternal summer of the island.

One of the great attractions of the Complex of the Chain Stage is its ice cream shop El Palenque, Located in the 17th street of the distribution Siboney. A colorful and airy place, decorated with images of the delicacy that is made there motivates the appetite. In addition to the exhibition of these drinks or refreshments available, a spectacle for the view. The seats, designed with originality, in the lower part simulate a wafer and in the high one melting ice cream, reason also used in the tables.

Known as the Cathedral of Ice Cream, the Coppelia ice cream in Havana is one of the largest in the world. Located in the place known as La Rampa on 23rd Street, El Vedado neighborhood, the ice cream shop covers the whole block, between 23 and 21, K streets and serves more than 1000 customers at a time. The Coppelia is a reference for both locals and visitors since its opening on June 4, 1966. It acquired even more fame when it was filmed in her the famous Cuban film Strawberry and Chocolate.

Another one that has generated great expectation in the neighborhood of Miaramar is El gelato, on 1st Avenue, where the most unexpected and exclusive flavors you can imagine, ranging from cherry, beet, kiwi, apple, guava, sponge cake, mint And melon, to the always preferred chocolate and more. Here the ice creams are produced in an artisan way and are strictly prepared and preserved, it is for that reason that they do not vary in their sweet or flavor level.

Geez, I suddenly want a taste.!!!!