A havana´s tale}}

A havana´s tale

Did you know that on November 16 of this year (2019) Havana turns 500 years old? Half a millennium of history that obviously we cannot tell you in an entry in our blog but, how about we give you an express summary so you don´t miss the most[...]
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Havanamazing: shortest streets in old havana}}

Havanamazing: shortest streets in old havana

There are many people in love with Havana around the world; the reason is clear, we´re talking about a lovely city full of history and mysteries. A part of Havana was named Old Havana ending the 19th century, its streets are cobbled and[...]
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Havanamazing: the house of perfumes}}

Havanamazing: the house of perfumes

Today we want to lead you through the world of smells and give you a ride to Fragancias 1791 or as we Cuban know it “The House of Perfumes”. The place was built in 2000 in the same street that in older time the hawkers sold their[...]
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Havanamazing: the love story behind the giraldilla}}

Havanamazing: the love story behind the giraldilla

There´s nothing more attractive than a love story that was so amazing that have been immortalized through the years and became part of the architecture of a whole country. On today´s blog, I tell you about the history of La[...]
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How to celebrate new year’s eve in cuba?}}

How to celebrate new year’s eve in cuba?

On December 31, Cuba welcomes everyone to celebrate New Year´s Eve and the triumph of the Cuban Revolution so you´d probably hear the National Anthem once the clock reaches midnight. If you are coming to the island and you,[...]
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