If you have plans to visit Cuba before the end of 2023 or during the next year, it is crucial to know certain details that will make your experience smoother and more pleasant. Here is some essential information to keep in mind before embarking on this exciting adventure.

1. Required Document or QR: D'Viajero for a Trouble-Free Entry

It is still mandatory to complete the D'Viajero form before entering Cuba. This document collects vital information for local authorities and must be presented along with the corresponding QR upon arrival. To facilitate this process, please visit the official form page here (D`Viajeros). Upon successful completion, you will receive a PDF file with your personal information and the QR required for your entry into the country.

2. Cuba Luggage and Customs: Traveling without Problems

Upon arrival in Cuba, the customs process can be a stressful aspect if you are not well informed. To avoid inconveniences, keep in mind that you can pass through the Green Channel without declaring food (until December 31, 2023), toiletries, medicines, up to 25 kg of personal effects and electronic devices, as well as 5 kg of miscellaneous items, such as clothes and shoes. For specific details, you can consult the customs regulations at this link.

3. Money in Cuba: Currency Exchange and Credit Cards

The monetary situation in Cuba has changed, and it is crucial to understand these changes in order to manage your financial resources effectively. Consider the following options:

- Exchange your cash at CADECA (Casas de Cambio) you will be able to exchange your currency or deposit on the MLC cards of family or friends At a formal exchange rate of 1USD for 123 CUP. Although the informal exchange rate can be higher, oscillating around 270CUP per USD, it also implies higher risks.

- Use international Visa and MasterCard cards not issued by U.S. banks, as well as Cabal and MIR (Russian). If you prefer not to use them, purchase a prepaid card in dollars when you arrive at the airport to make payments without inconveniences.